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1. The effect of metformin in the treatment of intractable and late onset acne: a comparison with oral isotretinoin

Behrangi Elham; Sadeghi Somayeh; Sadeghzadeh-Bazargan Afsaneh; Goodarzi Azadeh; Ghassemi Mohammadreza; Sepasgozar Saba; Rohaninasab Masoomeh

Volume 22, Issue 2 , 2019, , Pages 47-52


  Background: Insulin resistance and increased insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 with consequent mammalian target of rapamycin complex (mTORC) 1 overexpression is responsible for acne pathogenesis, especially in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Metformin is shown to improve acne as an adjunct ...  Read More

2. Comparison of the therapeutic effect of microneedling with carbon dioxide laser in hypertrophic burn scars: a randomized clinical trial

Mehran Golnaz; Fotooei Mahrokh; Goodarzi Azadeh; Forghani Siamak Farokh; Rohaninasab Masoomeh; Ghassemi Mohammadreza; Sadeghi Somayeh; Behrangi Elham

Volume 22, Issue 2 , 2019, , Pages 53-57


  Background: Microneedling is recently used to treat skin scars mostly atrophic scars; however, there are limited data about its effectiveness on hypertrophic burn scars. Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is an effective method for the treatment of burn scars. Here, we aim to compare the efficacy of microneedling ...  Read More

3. Evaluation of nail characteristics in patients with vitiligo

Lajevardi Vahideh; Ghiasi Maryam; Falahati Ali Asghar; Goodarzi Azadeh

Volume 20, Issue 3 , 2017, , Pages 69-74

  Background: Vitiligo is an acquired skin discoloration with melanocytic destruction. Vitiligo is associated with other autoimmune disorders; hence, an autoimmune etiology is among the most important theories for this disorder. The nails can be involved in numerous cutaneous or systemic non-cutaneous ...  Read More

4. Evaluation of narrow band UVB therapeutic effect on chronic mucocutaneous graft versus host disease lesions: A case series

Balighi Kamran; Ghodsi Zahra; Iravani Masoud; Damavandi Maede Rayati; Goodarzi Azadeh; Lajevardi Vahide; Saburi Sara; Kashani Alireza Faghihi

Volume 19, Issue 75 , 2016, , Pages 21-24

  Background: Chronic graft versus host disease (cGVHD) is a major cutaneous complication of bone marrow transplantation (BMT). Although milder forms of this process may be associated with a lower incidence of tumor recurrences, it is mandatory to develop a more efficient and less harmful therapeutic approach.Methods: ...  Read More

5. Demographic and histopathologic characteristics of Marjolin’s ulcers in Razi Hospital, Tehran, Iran: A 5-year survey

Ehsani Amir Houshang; Noormohammadpour Pedram; Nasiri Nafiseh; Faraz Parastoo Tavasoli; Goodarzi Azadeh

Volume 19, Issue 2 , 2016, , Pages 45-49

  Background: Approximately 0.77% to 2% of cutaneous ulcers and post-burn scars will develop malignant degeneration. When squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) emerges in a chronic scar or ulcer, it often is referred to as Marjolin’s ulcer (MU). Methods: This cross-sectional study assessed demographic information ...  Read More

6. Generalized eruptive histiocytosis: A case report

Ghandi Narges; Daklan Soroush; Goodarzi Azadeh; Hesari Kambiz Kamyab; Ghanadan Alireza

Volume 18, Issue 1 , 2015, , Pages 33-35

  The histiocytoses are a group of proliferative disorders of themonocyte-macrophage lineage that are neoplastic or reactive innature. Based on immunophenotyping and electron microscopy,two main groups have been recognized namely 1) Langerhanscell histiocytosis (LCH) and 2) non- Langerhans cell histiocytosis(non-LCH). ...  Read More

7. The effect of narrow band UVB on serum levels of folate: Trial on patients with dermatologic disorders

Lajevardi Vahide; Ghiasi Maryam; Hejazi Pardis; Ansari Mahsa; Akbari Zahra; Shakiba Hasan; Goodarzi Azadeh

Volume 18, Issue 1 , 2015, , Pages 36-37

  Folate plays an important role in metabolism and its deficiency can lead to cardiovascular problems or carcinogenesis. Some studies show that narrow band UVB (NBUVB) causes folate deficiency by photolysis , while others have different opinions or even the contrary. With regard to paradoxes in this context, ...  Read More

8. Basic data of patients with skin drug reactions admitted to Razi Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Ehsani Amirhoushang; Mortazavi Hossein; Azizpour Arghavan; Ansari Mahsa; Teimori Edris; Goodarzi Azadeh; Rahbar Ziba; Aryanian Zeinab

Volume 17, Issue 2 , 2014, , Pages 63-67

  Background: Although most cases of drug eruptions are mildand self-limited and are relieved after discontinuation of theresponsible drugs, statistics of life threatening outcomes shouldbe kept in mind. Moreover, it is important to identify the mostcommon age and sex groups, and the most vulnerable groupsin ...  Read More