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The prevalence rate of cutaneous lesions in NICU-admitted neonates

Shahrokh Mehrpisheh; Azadeh Memarian

Volume 24, Issue 3 , September 2021, , Pages 161-165


  Background: Skin disorders in neonates can be considered as determining concepts for prognosis and genetic counseling. So far, few studies have investigated the relative frequency of neonatal skin disorders. The present study aimed to investigate cutaneous lesions and their relationship with other variables ...  Read More

Osteoma mucosalis, a new entity: an interesting case report of heterotopic ossification in the nail bed and review of the literature

Mohammadreza Ghassemi; Abbas Zamanian; Gholamhossein Ghaffarpour; Nasrin Shayanfar; Shiva Ghods; Azadeh Goodarzi

Volume 24, Issue 1 , March 2021, , Pages 57-61


  Heterotopic ossification is the formation of bone tissue at an abnormal site. The ossification of soft tissue outside the skeletal system can occur anywhere and can be found in mucosal tissues. This is the first case report of an osteoma mucosalis affecting the nail bed. We also reviewed the heterotopic ...  Read More

The unusual presentation of genital Crohn’s disease in a patient with breast cancer: A case report

Mokhtari Fatemeh; Gholami Maryam; Mozafarpoor Samaneh

Volume 20, Issue 3 , 2017, , Pages 93-96

  Cutaneous Crohn’s disease (CCD) is a relatively rare disease. Two-thirds of the affected patients are female with a mean age of onset of 35 years. CCD is divided into a genital type and an extra-genital type, each with their own unique different clinical manifestations. The usual presentation of ...  Read More

Isolated cutaneous Crohn’s disease: A case report

Zahedi Mohammad Javad; Fekri Alireza; Rezazadeh Azadeh; Moosazadeh Mahmood; Karvar Mehran

Volume 18, Issue 4 , 2015, , Pages 174-178

  This case report describes a patient with cutaneous signs in the genital and peri-anal region suspicious of Crohn’s disease without any intestinal symptom or sign. Inflammatory bowel disease can be associated with some cutaneous signs. However, in this paper, we report a patient with isolated cutaneous ...  Read More