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1. Cutaneous pseudolymphoma of the breast

Behrooz Barikbin; Sara Lotfi; Hoda Rahimi; Zahra Asadi-Kani; Maryam Yousefi

Volume 15, Issue 1 , 2012, , Pages 18-21

  Cutaneous pseudolymphoma (PL) refers to a reactive T or B- cell proliferative disorder in reaction to some known or unknown stimuli. The most common site of involvement of pseudolymphoma is the face followed by the scalp. Because of its similarity with true lymphoma in both clinical and pathological ...  Read More

2. Specific cutaneous manifestations in adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma

FZ Pezeshk Poor; MJ Yazdan Panah; A Shir Del

Volume 9, Issue 3 , 2006, , Pages 227-232

  Background and aim: Adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL) is an aggresive malignancy which may occur in human T lymphotropic virus1(HTLV1) infected persons. HTLV1 is endemic in Khorasan with prevalence of 2.3% in general population. Since specific cutaneous manifestations of lymphoma may occur in a significant ...  Read More

3. Primary cutaneous CD30+T cell lymphoma: A case report

S Kavousi; M Ghiasi; S Toosi

Volume 8, suppl , 2005, , Pages 1-4

  Primary cutaneous CD30+ T cell lymphoma is rare lymphoma originally in and confined to the skin. These lymphomas usually present as a large solitary and often ulcerated nodule. Its prognosis is a good and has a good response to radiotherapy. We report a 34- year- old man who had primary cutaneous CD30+T ...  Read More

4. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a 13-year-old boy with provisional hypomyopathic juvenile Dermatomyositis

H Ansarin; N Shahbazi; Z Naraghi; SZ Latif Zadeh

Volume 8, suppl , 2004, , Pages 1-4

  Provisional hypomyopathic juvenile dermatomyositis is a subgroup of clinically amyopathic juvenile dermatomyositis provisional. The diagnostic criteria include: Classic dermatomyositis skin lesions – which have to be confirmed by biopsy –, no involvement of proximal muscles, subclinical involvement ...  Read More

5. Diffuse normolipemic plane Xanthoma in adult T-cell lymphoma/leukemia: A case report

A Shirdel; M Soleimani; MJ Yazdanpanah; F Pezeshkpour; MR Kalantari

Volume 5, Issue 4 , 2002, , Pages 39-43

  Diffuse normolipemic plane xanthoma is a rare disorder often seen as a para-neoplastic manifestation accompanied with gammopathies and hematologic disorders. In this report, a 44-year-old man is presented who was referred to us due to developing erythematous papules on the hands and yellow patches on ...  Read More