Background: Pruritic skin disorders are one of the most common disorders in elderly. Objective: To find out the prevalence of pruritic skin disorders in the elderly residing in Kahrizak Institute in Tehran. Patients and Methods: In this descriptive, cross sectional survey, all the elderly over 60 years of age without dementia residing in Kahrizak Institute in Tehran in the first 6 months the year 1379 were studied for the presence of 9 pruritic skin disorders including xerosis, eczema, lichen simplex chronicus, infections, urticaria, insect bite and scabies, psoriasis vulgaris, drug eruption and anogenital pruritus. Questionnaires were completed for persons who complained from pruritus, based on general examinations. Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS/PC software. Results: Out of 734 elderly included in the study, 161 (22%) had pruritus including 89 women (54%) and 72 men (46%). The most common cause of pruritus in both sexes were xerosis or senile pruritus. Eczemas were more common in males and the most common type was seborrheic dermatitis. Diabetes mellitus was the most common systemic disorder associated with pruritus. Conclusion: Pruritic skin disorders are very common in elderly. The responsible organizations must pay attention to this fact and plan better institution and medical facility for this precious group of our society.