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Serum folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and homocysteine levels in Iranian children with vitiligo

Saeedeh Farajzadeh; Mahin Aflatoonian; Saman Mohammadi; Hamid Sharifi; Maryam Khalili

Volume 25, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 315-320


  Background: Hyperhomocysteinemia and vitamin D deficiency maybe involved in the pathogenesis of vitiligo. This study comparedthe serum levels of vitamin D, homocysteine, vitamin B12, andfolic acid between vitiligo-affected children and healthy children.Methods: Using a case-control design, 30 children ...  Read More

A systematic review on mucocutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 in children

Farnoosh Seirafianpour; Farzaneh Mashayekhi; Milad Dodangeh; Forough Seifi Gharabaghloo; Masoud Pourghahramani Koltapeh; Ali Jamshidi Naeini; Rohollah Valizadeh; Davood Lakestani; Samaneh Mozafarpoor; Azadeh Goodarzi

Volume 25, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 240-281


  Background: About 20% of patients with coronavirus disease2019 (COVID-19) present with mucocutaneous eruptions. Earlyskin or dermatological manifestations can help pediatriciansprevent the spread of the disease by suspecting COVID-19 inasymptomatic or minimally symptomatic patients.Methods: PubMed, Scopus, ...  Read More

Association between nutritional status and scabies infestation in a boarding school in Indonesia: a cross sectional study

Caroline Oktarina; Danny Surya; Putu Martha Gerynda Sukma; Teguh Hopkop Putera Manurung; Sandra Widaty

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 280-285


  Background: Scabies is an infestation caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominies, prevalent in children with poor nutritional status and hygiene, particularly in overcrowded communities. Indonesia has 14.5% cases of the double burden of malnutrition among school-aged children. As there has been no study ...  Read More

Sclerotherapy: a bloodless approach in treatment of pyogenic granuloma in children

Manjunath Shenoy; Amina Asfiya; Malcolm Pinto

Volume 23, Issue 2 , July 2020, , Pages 76-79


  Pyogenic granuloma (PG) is a common, acquired tumor-like growth occurring on skin/mucous membranes. It is prevalent in the pediatric age group. It is benign in nature and is caused by chronic low grade trauma. It presents as pink to red elevated pedunculated or sessile mass. There ...  Read More

Evaluation of the Frequency of Food Allergens by Skin Prick Test in Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Farajzadeh Saeedeh; Bazargan Nasrin; Shahesmaeili Armita; Shahrbabaki Azam Gholami; Fekri Ali Reza

Volume 13, Issue 2 , 2010, , Pages 33-36

  Background: The role of food allergy in atopic dermatitis (AD) is controversial. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of food allergens in children with AD. Method: Fifty one atopic dermatitis children aged 6 months to 5 years entered our study. The severity of AD was determined by scoring ...  Read More

Frequency of skin Diseases in children in Kerman

Farajzadeh Saideh; Esfandiarpour Iranj; Pourhamzadeh Bahareh

Volume 10, Issue 4 , 2007, , Pages 320-328

  زمینه و هدف: از آن جایی که بیماری های پوستی در دوران کودکی از جهت های زیادی با افراد بالغ متفاوت است لذا تعیین الگوی شیوع بیماری های کودکان نقش مهمی در تعیین راه کارهای ...  Read More

Prevalence of skin diseases in primary school students in Ahwaz

MA Mapar; H Nazari; Kh Siavashi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , 2000, , Pages 23-28

  Background: Determination of the prevalence of diseases is an important step in health programs. Objective: To determine the prevalence of skin diseases in primary school students in Ahwaz. Patients and Methods: This cross-sectional study was done in March and April 1995 (Esfand 1373, Farvardin 1374) ...  Read More