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Alopecic and aseptic nodule of the scalp & cutis verticis gyrata: when rarities meet

Hamed Zartab; Behzad Iranmanesh; Rezvan Amiri; Simin Shamsi Meymandi

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 361-366


  Background: Alopecic and aseptic nodule of the scalp (AANS) is a rare entity characterized by the presence of sterile, culturenegative nodules/cysts and areas of non-scarring alopecia.Methods: We describe a case on the vertex of a 26-year-old man with a two-week history of a nodular, moderately-fluctuant, ...  Read More

Localized pemphigus foliaceus with unilateral facial involvement: A case report

Ardakani Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh; Binesh Fariba; Shafihosseini Mitra; Herati Parvaneh Dehghan

Volume 20, Issue 4 , 2017, , Pages 135-137

  Pemphigus foliaceus is an autoimmune blistering condition more often than not associated with generalized lesions. Localized Pemphigus foliaceus is a rare entity. Herein, we report a case of pemphigus foliaceus localized on the face. A 64-year-old woman was referred to our clinic with a 2-year history ...  Read More

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome: Appropriate response to the combination treatment with intralesional triamcinolone injection and oral azithromycin

Kavoussi Hossein; Ebrahimi Ali; Ramezani Mazaher; Kavoussi Reza

Volume 18, Issue 3 , 2015, , Pages 140-143

  Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is an uncommon disorder which is presented by a triad of lip swelling, facial nerve palsy, and a fissured tongue. A number of treatments have been reported for this syndrome with variable outcomes. We have reported a 38-year-old female patient with lower lip swelling and ...  Read More

Treatment of Severe Alopecia Areata Using Methotrexate as an Adjunctive Drug in Combination with Intravenous and Oral Corticosteroid

Malekzad Farhad; Eshghi Gholamreza; Ebadi Atyeh; Younespour Shima

Volume 13, Issue 3 , 2010, , Pages 91-95

  Background: Alopecia areata is one of the most common human autoimmune disorders and its severe types are refractory to all conventional therapies. Corticosteroids have been used in severe alopecia areata since 1950s but there is concern over complications caused by high doses of corticosteroids. Methotrexate ...  Read More

Steroid Induced Kaposi's Sarcoma in an HIV Negative Patient

Farshad Abbasi; Soolmaz Korooni Fardkhani; Minosh Sha’bani

Volume 11, Issue 4 , 2008, , Pages 171-172

  Kaposi's sarcoma is one of malignancies that is most seen in HIV positive or immunocompromised patients. Kaposi's sarcoma typically involves the skin. We present a HIV negative, 31-year-old Iranian woman from Tehran with Kaposi's sarcoma associated with corticosteroid use.  Read More