Background: Comedone formation has an essential role in pathophysiology of acne, therefore destroying of comedones and preventing of comedone formation is very important in acne treatment. Objective: To determine the effect of superficial peeling with 70% glycolic acid in the improvement of acne. Patients and Methods: In this open clinical trial without control group, 30 patients with acne referred to Razi Hospital in Tehran (Mean age 18) years were treated with 70% glycolic acid and their clinical improvement was evaluated. Results: Mean numbers of comedones were 24.4±15.2 and 2.6±5.9 in first and last visits respectively (P<0.005). Moreover, 18 patients (60%) and 12 patients (40%) had complete and relative improvement, respectively. The side effects of this treatment were minimum and transient. Conclusion: Superficial peeling with 70% glycolic acid is effective in treatment of mild acne.