Background: Tinea pedis is probably the most common form of dermatophytosis in developed countries and it is one of the public health problems in the most societies. Moreover, wearing shoes, sweating and maceration are its predisposing factors. Objective: To evaluate the prevalence and determination of type of tinea pedis in the personnel of Hamedan Sina Hospital. Patients and Methods: In a descriptive cross-sectional study, 156 employees of Hamedan Sina Hospital were examined clinically and by fungal skin smears. Results: Ninety-three (59.6%) of patients were male and 63 (40.4%) were female. Seven patients (4.48%) suffered from tinea pedis and T.mentagrophytis (Interdigital) was the main cause of infection. Conclusion: The prevalence of tinea pedis in this study was 4.48%, which is lower than its prevalence in developed countries.