Acquired port-wine stain is a rare vascular lesion that mimics a congenital port-wine stain clinically and histologically, but is acquired after birth. A survey on more than 60 reported cases in the literature reveals that most of these cases are idiopathic, but some of the cases developed after physical or mechanical trauma, hormonal changes, chronic sun exposure, and medications (OCP, isotretinoin, etc). The pathogenesis of acquired port-wine stain like its congenital counterpart is obscure, but is thought to be related to a functional deficit of perivascular sympathetic neural control after mechanical trauma or other possible factors. Laser is the first choice of treatment in both congenital and acquired port-wine stains.
We, herein report two rare cases of acquired port-wine stains. Both of the cases presented at the age of 15 years. One of them was idiopathic and the other one developed after a mild electrical burn on her hand. The histopathological findings of their biopsy specimens were compatible with the diagnosis of port-wine stain.