Granuloma annulare(GA) is an inflammatory benign cutaneous disease of unknown etiology that may manifest different clinical features. The most common presentation or classic form of the disease is manifested as flesh colored, annular grouped papules, commonly involving the hands and feet. Various skin injuries and infections have been reported to trigger GA, including insect bites, warts, herpes zoster, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and Epstein-Barr virus infections.
Several clinical manifestations have been reported for this disease such as localized, generalized, subcutaneous, linear, perforating and patch GA, have been reported. Linear form is a rare variant of localized GA, and other skin diseases occuring in a linear configuration such as rheumatoid nodule, wart, morphea, and epidermal nevus must be differentiated from linear GA. This report describes a case of a 3 cm linear, flesh-colored, lesion with beaded border on dorsum of right index finger in a 8-year-old girl with histological findings of GA.