The case, who discribed here is a 66-year-old man with one year history of asymptomatic, keratotic papules with a linear distribution on the skin of his right palm near the wrist. On histopathological examination cornoid lamella-like parakeratotic columns above eccrine sweat ducts were observed. The acrosyringium was also dilated. He had been followed up for predominantly sensory polyneuropathy by neurologist from 6 years before. Endocrinologic evaluation revealed hyperthyroidism. In this article, we present a new case of Porokeratotic Eccrine Ostial and Dermal Duct Nevus (PEODDN) where the palmar skin was the primary site of presentation. The present case is consistent with the tarda variant of PEODDN, as the onset of lesions was around the age of 65 years.