Acquired ichthyosis is a known paraneoplastic sign of lymphoproliferative malignancies with non‌specific histopathologic findings revealing no implication of the underlying neoplasm. However, ichthyosiform eruption is considered as a specific manifestation of mycosis fungoides (MF), i.e., ichthyosiform MF. There are a few reports of ichthyotic manifestation of MF, but only one report of this presentation in Parapsoriasis. We present a case of ichthyosiform Parapsoriasis in a 22-year-old woman with hyperpigmented ichthyosiform scaly patches on her trunk and extremities. The histopathologic findings were hyperkeratosis, parakeratosis and acanthosis with scattered lymphocyte infiltration, also could be seen in Parapsoriasis. The patient responded well to oral photochemotherapy.