Background and aim: Subcision is a procedure that has been reported to be beneficial in treatment of acne scars. The objective of this trial was to assess the efficacy of subcision in the treatment of rolling acne scars and evaluate a novel subdermal filler" absorbable plain catgut suture" with subcision. Materials and methods: 22 patients with rolling acne scars underwent subcision, 20 of whom completed treatment and follow-up period. One side of the face underwent subcision and another side subcision with subdermal implant. The patients and investigators' assessments of improvement were both recorded. Results: Subcision showed mild improvement in about 60% of patients and moderate improvement in about 40% of them. The rate of response showed no significant difference with the use of subdermal implant. The side effects of local edema, bruising, and infection were all transient. Conclusion: Subcision appears to be a safe method to correct the rolling acne scars with long term improvement. However, the subdermal implant led to no significant superior results.