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Background: Scabies is a common skin disease and a public health problem. The topical antiscabietics have a poor compliance. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of oral Ivermectin with topical Lindane solution in the treatment of scabies. Methods: This was a prospective comparative open study. Fifty seven patients were randomized in two groups. One group (32 patients) received 200µg/kg body weight of Ivermectin in two oral doses with a one-week interval, and the second group, (25 patients) received 2 consecutive weekly topical applications of Lindane. All patients were followed up for 2 weeks. Results: A single oral dose of Ivermectin cured 72% of patients and 91% of the patients were cured after the second dose. Two applications of Lindane with a one-week interval cured 92% of cases. Conclusion: Compared to topical Lindane in the treatment of scabies, Ivermectin was at least as effective as Lindane.