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Background: The standard patch test is known as the most reliable test to identify and confirm causative agents of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). Previous studies have shown that the prevalence of specific allergens varies by geographic area. The results of patch test in patients visiting our dermatology clinics with suspected ACD were prospectively investigated and compared with those reported in the literature of Iran.Method: We performed the European Standard Series patch test produced by Almiral Hermal GmbH, containing 28 allergens in a group of 100 patients (55 females and 45 males) with suspected ACD who were referred to Emam Reza and Ghaem Hospitals, Mashhad, in 2010-2011. The tests were read after 2 and 4 days.Result: Fifty-four percent of the patients had 1 or more positive reactions of which 65% were relevant to current or past dermatitis. Positive reactions were due to 12 allergens. The most frequent allergens were nickel sulfate (25%) and potassium