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Background: Leptin, a 16-KDa peptide hormone secreted from theadipose tissue, plays an important role in the regulation of energyintake and expenditure and body weight regulation; furthermore,it has a regulatory function on the reproductive system. The aimof this study was to assess the relationship between serum leptinlevels and sex hormones in psoriatic patients and control groupand to determine the serum levels of leptin and sex hormones inpatients and their association with disease severity.Method: This cross-sectional study included 43 male patientswith psoriasis and 42 age- and sex- matched healthy controls. Wemeasured serum levels of leptin, sex hormone-binding globulin(SHBG), luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone(FSH), prolactin, and total testosterone in both groups.Result: Psoriatic patients had si