Background: Beta-thalassemia major (BTM) is a genetic disorder, which is common in Kerman province of Iran. New methods of care has increased their survival. Objective: The objective of this descriptive study was to assess the frequency of skin and mucosal complications of BTM patients. Patients and Methods: All BTM patients referred to Kerman-Darman Hospital in 1377 (150 cases) were evaluated. Dermatologic signs and symptoms were diagnosed by physical examination and serum ferritin levels were measured. Results: Skin hyperpigmentation (65.3%), mucosal hyperpigmentation (41.3%), coarse nail (34%) and coarse hair (20.7%) were the most common signs. They were related to the age and serum ferritin levels but sex of patients and dose of desferral had no significant relation with skin complications. Conclusion: Skin and mucosal lesions are common in BTM. An exact exam and control of serum ferritin level with desferral is recommended to prevent skin complications.