Background: So far seven types of the genus malassezia have been known. Except for one kind, the rest are normal flora of human skin, which under certain circumstances, cause or trigger eleven diseases. One of the side effects of topical and systemic steroid is steroid acne. Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the association of pityrosporum ovale (Malassezia) and steroid acne. Patients and Methods: Skin smears were prepared by comedone extractor from 20 patients with steroid acne and 12 acne patients without history of steroid usage, referred to dermatology clinic of Qaem Hospital and checked for the presence of malassezia. The reports of 2+ or more were considered as positive. The skin smears were positive in 80 percent of patients with steroid acne, and 66 percent of control group patients (P<0.05). 16 patients of steroid acne group responded well to antifungal drugs. Conclusion: Considering the clinical symptoms of steroid acne, positive skin smears and clear response of the patients to antifungal drugs, some of the steroid acne lesions are pityrosporum folliculitis.