Background: Acitretin therapy is frequently associated with reversible, dose-related side effects. Recent studies claimed that combining vitamin E with high-dose isotretinoin reduced isotretinoin-induced side effects. Objective: The purpose of this clinical trial study was to determine the effect of a fixed or adjusted dose of vitamin E on the side effects of acitretin. Patients and Methods: Fifty five subjects were randomly assigned to one of the two treatment programs including with acitretin (0.7-1 mg/kg/day) together with either vitamin E (13 IU/kg/day) or alone for 3 months. The incidence of side effects of acitretin in two groups were assessed and compared. Results: The study was completed in thirty-nine patients. Vitamin E did not decreased the incidence of side effects associated with acitretin. Conclusion: Vitamin E did not significantly ameliorate retinoid side affects when combined with 0.7-1 mg/kg of acitretin in treatment of skin disorders.