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Bachground: Skin lesions are common in type 2 diabetic patients and its association with microvascular complications been reported. Methods: In this study, 1135 type-2 diabetic patients were included and examined by a dermatologist for diabetes mellitus related skin lesions, skin infections and cutaneous complications of the treatment. Smear, culture and biopsy of the lesions were done for definite diagnosis. Weight, height, blood pressure were also done. FBS and HbA1C were measured for all patients Results: The mean age of the study population was 54±11 years; 619 were (55%) female and 516 were (45%) male. Mean duration of the disease was 9±7 years and HbA1c was 7.8±1.6. The prevalence of skin lesions was 64% (95%CI: 61.2-66.8). The most common solitary skin lesion was diabetic dermopathy (32.3%) while the most common condition observed overall was skin infections (41.5%). Acanthosis nigricans with a prevalence of 26.4% was the third most common lesion. Other skin conditions had a prevalence of less than 12%. Skin disorders were apparently more prevalent in male than in female patients.Conclusion: More than sixty percent of patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus have skin lesions.