Background: Various environmental factors can induce or exaggerate hand eczema. Objective: Evaluation of patch test results in hand eczema patients. Patients and Methods: In this descriptive study 100 patients with hand eczema referred to Loghman Hakim and Booali Hospital in Tehran underwent patch testing with 23 allergens obtained from Hermal company. Results: 240 positive reactions observed in 86 patients. The most common positive reactions were related to nickel sulfate (30 patients, 13.5%) and potassium dichromate (28 patients, 11.7%). In positive group 28 patients were male and 58 were female. In negative group 3 patients were male and 11 were female (P>0.05). The mean age was 31.7±11.9 years and 24.8±9.2 years for positive group and negative group, respectively (P0.05). Conclusion: Performing patch test, the allergens involved in hand eczema can be detected. Detecting type of allergens, patients will be able to avoid those materials, which can lead to improvement of disease.