Document Type : Case Report



Vitiligo and Lichen Planus, two common dermatologic disorders, are expected to coexist. This leads to diverse theories regarding their immunopathogenesis linkage. In this case, we report a twenty-year-old man suffering from simultaneous lichen planus and vitiligo which were both generalized at the time of observation and also concomitant throughout their entire course of progression. Lichen Planus papules were located on sun-exposed areas and non sun-exposed areas; both on vitiligenous areas and non-vitiligenous areas diminishing current theories about the association of the two diseases. Since we did not have the patient’s consent to perform a series of biopsies, we were unable to evaluate dermatopathology of the two diseases at different sites in regard to sun exposure. Further extensive researches on larger scales seem warranted to propose any kind of theory regarding their interconnection.