Background and aim: An epidemiological association of lichen planus (LP) with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has been found only in certain parts of the world and in some countries no association has been noted. The present study was done to evaluate the association of LP with HCV in patients admitted to Sina hospital, Hamedan, Iran from 2002 to 2004.Materials and Methods: The presence of anti HCV antibody in 32 patients with LP was compared with 43 patients suffering from other dermatoses not related to HCV. Both patient and control groups were screened for the anti HCV antibody using ELISA. The positive cases were tested again using RIBA method. Only confirmed positive cases with the RIBA method, were considered as anti HCV antibody positive.Results: Anti HCV-antibody was positive in 3.1% of patient group (one out of 32) and in 7% of control group (3 out of 43). Conclusion: In Hamedan province no association was found between HCV infection and LP therefore the routine test of LP patients for anti HCV antibody is not necessary.