Background: Hirsutism can result in cosmetic and psychological problems in women. Because of diverse etiological factors, treatment with a single drug is not usually successful. On the other hand, treatment of Hirsutism can be associated with adverse effects. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of a herbal ointment consisted of leguminosea spp. and zingiberaceae spp. extracts in reduction of hair density in hirsute women. Patients and Methods: In an open clinical trial 10 hirsute women were treated with a herbal ointment 3 times a day for 2 weeks in 3 consecutive months. Pre and post-treatment assessment of number, length, and diameter of hairs were done in individual patients. Paired T-test was used for statistical analyses. Results: After 3 treatment courses the mean number of the hairs showed significant reduction in comparison with pre-treatment values. Some patients mentioned that treatment resulted in softer, thinner and lighter hairs. Conclusion: The studied herbal ointment was effective in hair density reduction in hirsute patients. It was also a simple, inexpensive and safe treatment for Hirsutism.