Porokeratosis of Mibelli is a keratinization disorder due to cellular clones that show different degress of dysplasia. Sometimes, these lesions develop on the previously traumatized or burnt skin. Herein, a 24 – year- old female patient is presented with three facial skin lesions on her right cheek on a previous old scar due to cutaneous leishmaniasis is presented. The larger lesion was an erythematosquamous plaque with a well – defined hyperkeratotic margin and an atrophic center and two smaller erythematosquamous papules were located about 1.5 centimeter away from the main lesion. In the histopathologic evaluation of the skin biopsy of the patient, hyerkeratosis, irregular acanthosis and the characteristic column of parakeratotic cells (cornoid lamella) were evident. Considering clinical appearance of the lesion as well as the histopathologic findings, the patients was diagnosed as case of porokeratosis of Mibelli that was developed on an old scar due to cutaneous leishmaniasis.