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Pachyonychia congenita type II: report of a case

Amir Hooshang Ehsani; Katrin Kiavash

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 1-1

  Pachyonychia congenital (PC) is a rare genodermatosis affecting the nails, skin, oral mucosae, larynx, hair, and teeth. General clinical presentation includes thickening of finger and toenails, painful plantar keratoderma, hyperhidrosis, oral leukokeratosis, follicular keratosis, palmar keratoderma, ...  Read More

Piloleiomya associated with pruritus: report of a case

Guiti Sadeghian; Hengameh Ziai

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 2-2

  A 30-year-old woman was referred to us with red and firm nodules on upper lateral aspect of left arm. These nodules were present for 15 years without pain but with intense pruritus.She reported uterine leiomyoma in the past, but family history for similar lesions was negative. Blood tests were normal, ...  Read More

Ichthyosiform Parapsoriasis: report of a case

Hayedeh Ghani-Nejad; Mansour Nasiri-Kashani; Reza Mahmoud Robati; Pedram Mehryan; Alireza Alavi-nia; Soheil Fateh

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 3-3

  Acquired ichthyosis is a known paraneoplastic sign of lymphoproliferative malignancies with non‌specific histopathologic findings revealing no implication of the underlying neoplasm. However, ichthyosiform eruption is considered as a specific manifestation of mycosis fungoides (MF), i.e., ichthyosiform ...  Read More

Becker's nevus and breast hypoplasia: report of a case

Akram Ansar; Banafsheh Hashemi

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 4-4

  Becker's nevus is a unilateral hyperpigmented area of skin with geographical borders. It is usually located on shoulders, anterior chest, scapular region and upper arms. Sometimes it shows evidence of androgen hypersensitivity and co-localizing with other developmental anomalies. We report a 12-year-old ...  Read More

Congenital naevoid psoriasis

Reza Yaghoobi; Seyyed Arash Abtahian

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 5-5

  Psoriasis is quite common in childhood, although congenital psoriasis is very rare. Here, we report a 2-year-old girl with typical linear psoriasis associated with bilateral hypopigmentation of breasts which has been present since birth.    Read More

Nodular colloid milium of the ears

Reza Yaghoobi; Niloofar Sina

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 6-6

  Colliod milium is a degenerative change, which is characterized clinically by development of multiple yellowish, translucent papules and nodules on the light exposed skin and histologically by the presence of colloid in the dermal papillae. This is a rare condition and has some variants. We report a ...  Read More

A family with Bart-Pumphrey syndrome

Kamran Balighi; Fatemeh Moeineddin; Ahmadreza Rajaee

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 7-7

  All member of family referred to our clinic complaining of white nails. Physical examination revealed clinical features of leukonychia totalis and also the presence of sensor ineural hearing loss (SNHL), palmoplantar keratoderma (PPK) and knuckle pads, the four essential criteria for the diagnosis of ...  Read More

An uncommon presentation of pachyonychia congenital

Amirhushang Ehsani; Fatemeh Moeineddin; Ahmadreza Rajaee

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 8-8

  A 10-month-old female presented with severe progressive wedge-shaped thickening and discoloration of all twenty nails. Further evaluations revealed palmoplantar keratoderma along with recurrent acral blisters causing residual crusted ulcers which were present during the past six months. Other findings ...  Read More

Nicolau syndrome: report of a case

Akram Beheshti-rooy; Yunis Shafigh; Behzad Bijani

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 9-9

  Nicolausyndrome or embolia cutis medicamentosa is a rare complication of intramuscular injection of some drugs. This syndrome has been reported after injection of NSAIDS, corticosteroids and antibiotics.Here we report a 16-year-old boy who developed this syndrome after intramuscular injection of benzathine ...  Read More

Bullous mycosis fungoides: report of a case

Pouran Layegh; Mohammad Reza Kalantari; Amir Omidvar-Borna; Yalda Nahidi

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 10-10

  Mycosis fungoides is a common form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, with characteristic histopathology and chronic clinical course. Vesiculobullous mycosis fungoides is a rare occurrence. Here we present a 55-year-old man with multiple bullous plaques of one year duration who was finally diagnosed as a ...  Read More

Hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell carcinoma (HLRCC syndrome): a case report

Hayedeh Ghaninejad; Fatemeh Moeineddin; Ahmadreza Rajaee; Ahmad Salimzadeh; Masoud Asgari

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 11-11

  Recently multiple cutaneous leiomyomas, uterine leiomyoimatosis and renal cancer have been described as a cancer syndrome with autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.We report a 79-year-old man who presented with multiple hyperkertotic erythematous nodules on his right leg with histological diagnosis ...  Read More

Report of a rare case of bullous mycosis fungoides

Kamran Balighi; Fatemeh Moeineddin; Ahmadreza Rajaee; Azita Nikoo; Mostafa Mahdavi-nia

Volume 10, Suppl.2 , 2007, Pages 12-12

  Mycosis fungicides (MF), on extremely rare occasions, can be associated with vesiculobullous eruptions. We describe a 74-year-old man with previous documented histopathologic diagnosis of poikilodermic type of MF who recently developed some flaccid acral bullae on erythemoatous MF plaque and normal skin. ...  Read More