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Original Article
The efficacy and safety of oral ivermectin in the treatment of inflammatory rosacea: a clinical therapeutic trial

Dhaher Samer A; Alhamdi Dhoha Kh

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 37-42


  Background: Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology. Few studies have been published on the use of oral ivermectin in the treatment of the inflammatory subset of rosacea. The aim of the present research was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of oral ivermectin prescribed for a ...  Read More

Original Article
The influence of osteopontin on the pathogenesis of alopecia areata and its association with disease severity

Nasiri Soheila; Iranmanesh Behzad; Gheisari Mehdi; Abdollahimajd Fahimeh; Nobari Niloufar

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 43-47


  Background: Alopecia Areata (AA) is an autoimmune disease affecting hair follicles. Although many details are well specified in the pathogenesis of the disease, there exist certain aspects which require more investigations. Given the fact that the increase in Th-1 immunity is the essential part of the ...  Read More

Original Article
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of rituximab in patients with refractory pemphigus vulgaris

Shahidi-Dadras Mohammad; Kheradmand Zohreh; Abdollahimajd Fahimeh

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 48-53


  Background: Recently, rituximab has been successfully used for the treatment of pemphigus family, the main subtype of which is pemphigus vulgaris (PV). The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy and safety of rituximab in refractory PV. Methods: In an observational study extending from November ...  Read More

Original Article
Plasma level of trace elements in patients with oral lichen planus

Rezazadeh Fahimeh; Sokhakian Mahshid

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 54-58


  Background: Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a common inflammatory disease of unknown origins. Recent studies have considered nutritional factors concerning the pathogenesis of many autoimmune disorders. The objective of the present study was to investigate the plasma levels of magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), ...  Read More

Case Report
An unusual presentation of mammary Paget’s disease with a 12-year duration and no palpable mass

Yaghoobi Reza; Ranjbari Nestaran; Alamshahi Farzaneh

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 59-61


  Paget’s disease of the nipple is an unusual manifestation of breast cancer. Most cases of mammary Paget`s disease are associated with an invasive or in situ breast tumor, even with no mass observed in mammography imaging. Very rarely does Paget’s disease occur in the absence of any underlying ...  Read More

Case Report
Angioma serpiginosum successfully treated by a single session of intense pulsed light therapy

Radmanesh Ramin; Radmanesh Mohammad

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 62-64


  Angioma serpiginosum (AS) is a nevoid capillary malformation developed congenitally or thereafter. The AS stops growing after puberty and may remain persistent throughout life. The pulsed dye laser (PDL) and KTP are used to treat the AS usually after several sessions. We treated a patient with AS with ...  Read More

Case Report
Dermoscopy rainbow pattern as a diagnostic clue for early angiosarcoma

Francesc Messeguer; Anna Agusti-Mejias; Celia Requena Caballero

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 65-67


  Angiosarcomas of the scalp are aggressive invasive tumors that, more often than not, mimic benign painless skin lesions. We here report a case of angiosarcoma that was timely diagnosed and treated thanks to the dermoscopic rainbow pattern.  Read More

Letter to Editor
Azathioprine induced anagen effluvium and its association with myelosuppression

Wankhade Vaishali; Shah Vrutika; Singh Rajesh P.; Sawatkar Gitesh

Volume 21, Issue 2 , 2018, Pages 68-70


  Dear Editor, Azathioprine, a steroid sparing immunosuppressant, is used in organ transplantation and various immunological diseases like pemphigus vulgaris, pemphigus foliaceous, vitiligo, lichen planus, and alopecia areata. Anagen effluvium (AE) is the abrupt loss of hairs in their growing phase most ...  Read More