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A comparison between the efficacy of intralesional injection of 2% Zinc Sulfate solution with Glucantime in the treatment of acute old world cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial

AR Firooz; AR Khatami; A Khamesipour; M Nassiri Kashani; MA Nilforoushzadeh; F Behnia; HR Pazoki Toroudi; Y Dowlati

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 209-218

  Background: Several treatment modalities have been used for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) with various results. In vitro and in vivo studies have shown inhibitory effects of zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) on Leishmania parasites. Objective: To compare the efficacy of intralesional injections of 2% ZnSO4 solution ...  Read More

A cross-sectional study of Latex allergy among operation room staff of hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 1380-81

Z Pourpak; M Mesdaghi; AR Zarinara; Sh Shahabi; B Rajabi; M Heidar Zadeh; A Kazemnejad; A Kouhkan; Gh.A Kardar

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 219-230

  Background: Latex allergy is a major occupational disease with prevalence nearly 5-17% among the health care workers. Objective: To determine the prevalence of latex glove allergy and its contributing factors among operation room staff. Patients and Methods: In this study, 512 operation room staff were ...  Read More

Evaluation of hand Eczema patients by performing Patch test

P Toosi; F Hosseinzadeh; M Rahmati Roodsari; L Gachkar; Sh Manighalam

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 231-236

  Background: Various environmental factors can induce or exaggerate hand eczema. Objective: Evaluation of patch test results in hand eczema patients. Patients and Methods: In this descriptive study 100 patients with hand eczema referred to Loghman Hakim and Booali Hospital in Tehran underwent patch testing ...  Read More

Comparison of bath PUVA and Acitretin in treatment of Psoriatic patients

M Barzegari; H Ghaninejad; M Shizarpoor

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 237-241

  Background: Psoriasis treatment is very important regard to mental sequeler and creating morbidity. First line treatment of generalized plaque type psoriasis includes methotrexate, phototherapy and retinoids. Objective: To compare bath-PUVA and acitretin in the treatment of generalized plaque type psoriasis. ...  Read More

A review on 17 cases of type I Neurofibromatosis associated with malignancies

M Seylanian Toosi; F Homaiee; HR Raziee

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 242-246

  Background: Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) is a relatively common autosomal dominant condition. Among the complications of the disease, such as neurological disorders, hypertension and skeletal deformities, malignancy is the most serious one and is the main cause of early death in these patients. Objective: ...  Read More

Efficacy of the intense pulsed light source on unwanted hairs

L Nabaie; A Shirzadian Kebria; L Gachkar

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 247-254

  Background: The need for a rapid, non-invasive method for unwanted hair removal has led to the development of various light sources for this purpose. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of Intense Pulsed Light Source (IPLS) on unwanted hairs. Patients and Methods: In this open, uncontrolled clinical ...  Read More

Descriptive study of Dermatophytosis in Guilan

N Alizadeh; Sh Sadr Ashkevary; J Golchai; A Maboodi; AA Falahati

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 255-260

  Background: In spite of prevention and control programs, dermatophyte infections have a high prevalence worldwide. Objective: To do a descriptive study of dermatophytosis in Guilan. Patients and Methods: 217 patients whom were visited in Razi Hospital in Rasht in 1381 were screened for dermatophytosis ...  Read More

Evaluation of serum Prolactin levels in patients with autoimmune blistering skin diseases: A case-control study

M Barzegari; Sh Shams Davachi; A Kianfar

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 261-263

  Background: Prolactin, a neurohormone, can act as a stimulator of immunity in a number of autoimmune diseases and its high levels have been shown in these diseases. Objective: This study was designed to discover the possible role of prolactin in autoimmune blistering skin diseases. The main goal was ...  Read More

Circumscribed juvenile Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris associated with hypoparathyroidism and Brachyonychia: A case report

A Rasi; R Soltani Arabshahi; Z Safaie Naraghi

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 264-270

  Circumscribed juvenile pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) is a form of PRP that manifests with well-defined erythematous scaly plaques with follicular keratosis mainly over knees and elbows. There are several reports of the association of PRP with other conditions. We report a boy with scattered erythematosquamous ...  Read More

Cutaneous Larva Migrans: A case report

D Akbari; K Balighi

Volume 7, Issue 4 , 2004, Pages 271-273

  Cutaneous larva migrans is a self-limited cutaneous eruption caused by larva of roundworms that do not normally parasitize humans. Ankylostoma brazielensis, the dog and cat hookworm, is the most common agent. The disease is found in tropical and subtropical regions and may be seen in travelers from these ...  Read More