Syringoma is a benign tumor arising from intra-epidermal ducts of eccrine sweat glands. It usually presents as small translucent papules on eyelids and upper cheeks. The case, which is presented, is a rare from of syringoma that occurred in a linear fashion on the trunk. Dermatologists should be aware of such form of syringoma to differentiate it from other similar lesions. This 23 year-old man with one year history of flesh-colored to red papules on the left side of this chest, with a distribution following Blashko lines, without any pruritus or burning sensation, presented to the skin clinic of Razi hospital in 1380. On histopathologic examination of the lesions, islands and epithelial strands with differentiation to eccrine gland ducts were observed. Also some duct-like structures similar to tad pole and comma-shaped structures were seen in the dermis, all of which were consistent with the diagnosis of syringoma.