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Iranian Journal of Dermatology is an international, peer-reviewed, quarterly journal coping with original research contributing to the field of dermatology. Iranian Journal of Dermatology is the official Journal of the Iranian Society of Dermatology (http://www.irsod.net)  aiming to be a publication of international repute that serves as a medium for dissemination and exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of dermatology. Our aim is to publish peer-reviewed articles of current international interest in the form of original articles, review articles, case reports, quizzes, and letters in all aspects of dermatology including dermatopathology, procedural dermatology, epidemiologic studies, and clinical dermatology.


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Original Article
Prevalence of BRAF V600E and NRAS (G12V, G13V) mutations in Iranian patients with melanoma and their association with tumor-related factors

Alireza Ghanadan; Reza Shirkoohi; Reza Shahsiah; Samira Alihosseini; Reza Amiri; Nika Kianfar; Shahriar Hadadi Abianeh; Elham Sabbagh; Behzad Khodaei; Maryam Nasimi

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 1-5


  Background: NRAS and BRAF mutations are commonly reported in melanoma with various frequencies in different countries. However, their correlation with the development of malignant melanoma and tumor prognosis has not previously been studied in the Iranian population. This study determined the prevalence ...  Read More

Original Article
Helicobacter pylori seropositivity in Iranian patients with vitiligo: a case-control study

Maryam Aghaei; Shahrzad Aghaei; Fariba Iraji; Mohammad-Ali Nilforoushzadeh; Sayed Mohsen Hosseini; Zabihollah Shahmoradi; Seyed Hossein Hejazi

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 6-12


  Background: Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease of the skin that affects both sexes and people of any age. The genetic and environmental factors are involved in the vitiligo etiology. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) has an important role in vitiligo progression. Therefore, the present study evaluated H. ...  Read More

Original Article
The Effect of encapsulated autologous adipose-derived stem cells in chitosan/PRPCryogel on healing of grade-II burn injuries

Lotfollah Afzali; Shima Rahmati; Reza Zargarsaleh; Babak Alavi-Farzaneh; Mehdi Banitalebi

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 13-20


  Background: Wound healing in grade II burns is one of the treatment priorities. Advances in new sciences, such as stem cell therapy, biological scaffolds, and growth factors, have renewed hopes in this area. The present study aimed to assess the impact of ADSCs encapsulated in PRP/Chitosan-based gel ...  Read More

Original Article
C4d, a new diagnostic modality for cutaneous amyloidosis: a comparison of C4d expression in cutaneous amyloidosis and cutaneous lichen planus

Reza M Robati; Farahnaz Bidari Zerehpoosh; Azadeh Rakhshan; Mona Gorji; Zahra Razzaghi; Mostafa Rezaei-Tavirani; Sareh Salarinejad

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 21-27


  Background: Amyloidosis is a rare disease characterized by the extracellular deposition of a misfolded protein in multiple organs. Cutaneous amyloidosis (CA) is diagnosed by detecting amyloid deposition in the skin. Lichen amyloidosis (LA) and macular amyloidosis (MA) without visceral involvement are ...  Read More

Original Article
Hematological parameters in pediatric atopic dermatitis: correlation with disease severity and duration

Mohnish Sekar; Arun Inamadar; Ajit Janagond

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 28-34


  Background: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a prevalent, chronic, inflammatory skin disorder that primarily affects children, with just a few cases persisting into adulthood. Many theories exist to ascertain the relationship between atopic dermatitis and systemic inflammation. Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR), ...  Read More

Review Article
Nutritional dermatoses in pediatric age group: an approach to clinical diagnosis

Warood Albadri; Shiva Shankar Marri; M Kavya; Bhargavi M Uttmani; Arun Inamadar

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 35-48


  Diet plays a critical role in the maintenance of various physiological functions in cutaneous structures. Inadequacy of a well-balanced diet gives rise to a constellation of skin manifestations, which are frequently mild and non-specific; hence, overlooked or misdiagnosed. However, it can lead to serious ...  Read More

Case Report
Greither’s disease: a late-diagnosed case successfully treated with acitretin

Armaghan Gharehaghaji Zare; Saeedeh Rahimi; Shiva Mohajeri

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 49-53


  We report a 19-year-old woman, born of a consanguineous marriage but without a positive history in the family, diagnosed histologically and clinically with this disease. All the previous treatments were unsuccessful; we started acitretin, and she responded excellently to treatment. Although the improvement ...  Read More

Case Report
Cutaneous metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma mimicking lymphangioma

Reem Diab; Mohammad Shahidi Dadras; Azadeh Rakhshan; Ali Kaddah; Parsa Heydarifakher; Fahimeh Abdollahimajd

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 54-57


  Colorectal cancer is a fatal disease that is continuously increasing. Herein, we report a 36-year-old man with a seven-month history of colon adenocarcinoma, who presented with a painless, exophytic, bilateral scrotal mass that resembled lymphangioma in shape. The histopathological examination revealed ...  Read More

Case Report
Systemic tacrolimus in the management of psoriasis associated with PLA2R antibody positive membranous nephropathy: a case report

Ananya B Reddy; Malcolm Pinto; Santhosh Pai; Spandana P Hegde; Manjunath M Shenoy

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 58-61


  Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder, which affects the skin, nails, and joints. Psoriasis can be associated with systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, renal diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.Renal involvement among patients with psoriasis has been increasingly ...  Read More

Brief Report
The efficacy of cryotherapy plus oral curcumin in the treatment of genital warts

Nasrin Saki; Seyedeh Yasamin Parvar; Saba Fazel; Fatemehsadat Pezeshkian

Volume 27, Issue 1 , March 2024, Pages 62-66


  Genital warts are epithelial tissues infected with human papillomaviruses, the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease worldwide. Topical treatments focus on removing warts rather than eliminating the virus. Curcumin, as a therapeutic option, has been shown to have antiviral activity in treating ...  Read More

Comparison of the efficacy of 2% ketoconazole shampoo vs. 2% climbazole shampoo in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor

Rezvan Amiri; Ziba Omidvand; Saman Mohammadi; Maryam Khalili; Mahin Aflatoonian

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 300-305


  Background: Pityriasis versicolor is a recurrent non-inflammatory superficial fungal infection. Application of antifungal shampoo is a simple treatment modality for pityriasis versicolor that can be used on an extensive surface area. Currently, there is no study to evaluate the efficacy of climbazole ...  Read More

Comparison of effectiveness between Ketoconazole 2% and Selenium Sulfide 2.5% shampoos in the treatment of Tinea Versicolor

H Ansarin; Gh.H Ghaffar Pour

Volume 8, Issue 2 , 2005, , Pages 93-96

  Background: Tinea versicolor is a common superficial mycosis, which is caused by lipophilic yeasts, malessezia furfur. It is a chronic and recurrent skin disease. It occurs most commonly in young post-pubertal people and in hot and humid climates (North and south provinces of Iran). Objective: Comparison ...  Read More

Efficacy of topical silicone 5% hydrogel vs. topical hydrocortisone 1% ointment in keloid treatment measured using POSAS score: a randomized, double-blind study

Liyana D Aminuddin; Tarita Taib; Mohamad Rodi Isa; Mohan Arumugam; Sabrina A Wahab

Volume 26, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 6-14


  Background and Aim: Silicone-based products are often used to improve signs and symptoms of hypertrophic and keloid scars. An improved silicone product, ScarLess™ Hydrogel (SH), is a 5% silicone-based super-oxidized hydrogel meant to reduce keloid scars’ vascularity, elasticity, and height. ...  Read More

Comparison between the therapeutic effect of microneedling versus tretinoin in patients with comedonal acne: a randomized clinical trial

Golnaz Mehran; Saba Sepasgozar; Masoomeh Rohaninasab; Azadeh Goodarzi; Mohammadreza Ghassemi; Mahrokh Fotooei; Elham Behrangi

Volume 22, Issue 3 , 2019, , Pages 87-91


  Background: Microneedling has been shown to be a clinically effective and safe treatment for comedonal acne vulgaris. The aim of the present study was to compare the clinical effectof microneedling and the most commonly used topical drug, tretinoin, in the treatment of comedonal acne.Methods: ...  Read More

Lichen planus pigmentosus successfully treated with conventional CO2 laser resurfacing

Ramin Radmanesh; Mohammad Radmanesh

Volume 23, Issue 3 , October 2020, , Pages 125-128


  Lichen planus pigmentosus (LPP) develops as an asymptomatic and dusky pigmentation of the facial skin with no effective treatment. Herein we report a 54-year-old lady with clinical and histopathologic confirmation of LPP who was scheduled to be treated with CO2 laser resurfacing. ...  Read More

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