Background and aim: Paederus dermatitis is an acute self-healing blistering disease caused by an insect from the genus Paederus species. Although it is a self-limited disease, it can cause disablement and suffering. The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of fluocinolone cream, triclocarban(TCC) soap and betamethasone lotion in comparison with placebo in the treatment of paederus dermatitis.
Materials and Methods: This study was a randomized single blind placebo controlled trial which was performed in Behshahr hospitals during a period of two months. Seventy-seven patients with paederus dermatitis were randomized to treatment with fluocinolone cream, TCC soap, betamethansone lotion or a placebo. The conditon of each patient was checked three times; i.e., on their first, fifth and twelfth day of receiving treatment. Finally, depending on their response to treatment, they were divided into two groups, those who fully recovered and those failing to recover.
Results: Of the 77 patients studied, 18 were treated with a placebo, 17 with betamethasone lotion, 24 with fluocinolone cream and 17 with TCC soap. Complete recovery at the end of treatment was fluocinolone 100% , betamethasone 100%, TCC 58.8% and placebo 33.3%. Significant differences were observed between two first groups and the placebo group (P=0.0001) but no significant difference was observed between TCC soap and placebo.
Conclusion: Topical corticosteroids displayed a relative and significant improvement in paederus dermatitis.