Background and aim: Pyogenic granuloma is a small, red, benign vascular tumor usually occuring after penetrating injury in skin. Different therapies such as laser, surgery and electro surgery have been offered for its treatment. Each of these therapies has advantages and disadvantages. In this study, we evaluated the therapeutic effects of cryotherapy and electrocautery on pyogenic granuloma.
Materials and Methods: This clinical trial was performed on 50 patients who had pyogenic granuloma. In 25 patients cryotherapy was used with liquid nitrogen every ten days for a maximum of 3 sessions. Electrocautery was done by another dermatologist, and the lesion was destroyed in one session. Patients were followed for one month after treatment. T test and X2 were used for data analysis.
Results: The mean age of patients in cryotherapy group and in electrocautery group were 21.8±17/1 and 28/7±17/7 years , respectively (P>0.05). Number of treatment sessions were 2.2±0.8 in cryotherapy and 1/1±0.3 in electrocautery group (P<0.0001). Cure was observed in 100% of patients treated by electracautery method and in 77% treated by cryotherapy method (P=0.01).
Conclusion: Electrocautery is more effective than cryotherapy, but treatment with cryotherapy also is very effective, and can be used mainly in children, pregnant women, large lesions and those who are afraid from electrocautery.