Background and aim: Non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) are one of the most prevalent malignancies of the human. Although the morality rate is not high for these cancers, they may cause high morbility for the patients. In addition to the skin type, factors such as sun exposure, head and neck radiotherapy, inappropriate use of sunscreen and cultural changes may increase the incidence of these cancers. The objective of this study was to determine NMSC in Isfahan.
Materials and Methods: We used data of the cancer resistery center for performing this study and the incidence of NMSC per 100,000 papulation was determined.
Results: Overall 1681 cases were registered. The incidence of NMSC was calculated to be 10.67/100,000 population. The most common site for BCC and SCC was middle face.
Conclusion: NMSC incidence in Isfahan is lower than west countries although this incidence is 10.67/100,000 in a year. It means that 5-6 thousand cases of NMSC occur in Iran each year. We can prevent its morbidity and mortality by early correct diagnosis.