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Background: Few studies have investigated on vitamin D metabolites Serum levels, and calcium homeostasis in humans receiving retinoids, despite a substantial amount of literature concerning retinoid-induced osteoporosis in animals. We prospectively measured vitamin D metabolites serum levels and calcium homeostasis and radiographic bone changes in short course treatment with oral isotretinoin in severe acne.
Methods: 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D and 25-hydroxy vitamin D, calcium, phosphate, Parathyroid hormone and axial spine , femoral neck radiographies were measured in 30 nodulocystic acne patients ( 17 -28 years ) before and after twenty weeks of treatment with oral isotretinoin at the recommended dose (0.75 -1 mg/kg/day) .
Results: vitamin D metabolites, calcium, phosphate, Parathyroid-hormone did not change significantly and hyperostosis and other sclerotic change were not observed in any patients.
Conclusion: Short course treatment with oral isotretinoin at the recommended dose did not lead to any significant changes in serum vitamin D metabolites, calcium, phosphate and Parathyroid hormone and has no effects on bone radiography in acne patients.