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Background: Inpatient therapy in dermatology offers a number of advantages in several ways i.e. careful monitoring of patients’ conditions, improvement of their skin lesions under the supervision of trained staff, absence of domestic pressure and increasing the quality of patients’ life index. The objective of this study was to describe the patterns of admission for patients with dermatological diseases in Iran Methods: In this retrospective study, data were collected by completing a questionnaire for 481 patients admitted to Razi skin hospital in Tehran during 18 months. Results: The mean age of admitted patients was 44.03 years ± 19.15. Bullous diseases (39.92%), psoriasis (20.79%), dermatitis (9.56%) and neoplasms (6.65%) were found as the most common reasons for admission. The mean duration of hospitalization was 22.79 days and neoplasms had the highest mean hospitalization period. Conclusions: Patient's admission patterns differ from country to country and there should be prioritizing plans to reach better results.