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Background: The correlation between coronary artery disease and androgenic alopecia has been demonstrated, but the mechanism of this association still remains to be cleared. Objective: To investigate lipid profile, as an indicator of coronary artery disease, in women with female pattern alopecia. Methods: Fifty one women with female pattern alopecia and thirty one healthy women with normal hair status were selected as the case and control groups, respectively. Lipid profile including cholesterol, triglyceride, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, lipoprotein (a), apolipoprotein A1, and apolipoprotein B were measured in both groups. Results: The most important result of our study was a remarkably higher level of lipoprotein (a) in the case group. On the other hand, 55.3% of the patients and 16.7 % of the controls had lipoprotein (a) level >30 mg/dl, higher than the critical level for atherosclerosis. Conclusion: Lipid profile, especially lipoprotein (a), which is an important risk factor for coronary artery disease, should be investigated in women with androgenic alopecia. Those with disturbance in lipid profile should be referred to a cardiologist.