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Background: Topical corticosteroids and oral psoralen plus ultraviolet A radiation (PUVA therapy) are two common treatment methods for vitiligo. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy, complications and patterns of repigmentation of these two methods. Methods: This prospective randomized clinical trial was conducted from July 2007 to October 2008. Patients with disseminated vitiligo were divided into two groups. PUVA therapy was administered in one group and topical clobetasol was used in the other group. Results were recorded in 4 categories and therapeutic findings and complications were compared after 24 weeks. Results: Among 37 participants in the PUVA therapy group, 18 (48.6%) patients achieved marked and 14 (37.8%) patients showed good repigmentation. Similarly, among 35 participants in the clobetasol group, 6 (17.1%) patients showed marked and 8 (22.8%) patients showed good repigmentation. treatment complications were observed in 16.2% of the participants in PUVA group and 28.6% of the participants in clobetasol group. The patterns of repigmentation were different in the two groups. Conclusion: PUVA showed better therapeutic effects, and did not cause significant complications. Therefore, it could be used as one of the first line medications in the treatment of vitiligo.