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Background: Treatment of acne scars is a therapeutic challenge that may require multiple modalities. Subcision is a procedure that has been reported to be beneficial in the treatment of acne scars. Although subcision is a valuable method, its efficacy is mild to moderate due to the high recurrence rate. This study aimed to evaluate the novel complementary treatment of repeated suction sessions plus subcision at the recurrence period of subcised scars. Methods: The standard technique of subcision was applied to treat scars in 12 patients; then, one side of the face underwent repeated suctioning for 2 weeks. All patients completed treatment and the follow-up period. The patients’ and investigators’ assessments of improvement were both recorded. Results: According to patients and investigators, subcision plus suction showed 81% and 65% improvement after 3 month, respectively. Subcision alone, after 3 month, was associated with 62% and 33.3% improvement according to patients and investigators, respectively. The rate of response showed a significant difference with the use of repeated suctioning. The side-effects of local edema and bruising were all transient. Conclusion: Subcision plus frequent suctioning at the recurrence period of subcision appears to be a safe technique that increases the efficacy of subcision without considerable complications.