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Background: The cold-induced inflammation of cryotherapy mayalter the immunologic processes and structural components ofthe hair follicles responsible for AA. The aim of this study was tostudy the efficacy of cryotherapy in alopecia areata, and totalis.Method: Forty-four patients with recalcitrant scalp alopeciaareata or totalis were treated with cryotherapy. The cryo-systemchosen was a closed contact CO2 system with metallic probes.The patients were evaluated for 4-8 weeks for hair growth.Satisfactory hair growth after 8 weeks was an indication forperforming cryotherapy for the remaining untreated areas.Result: Varying degrees of hair growth were detected in 52.50%of the patients four weeks and in 65.90 % eight weeks aftertreatment. About 38.64% of the patients showed more than 50%hair regrowth 8 weeks after therapy.Conclusion: Cryotherapy is effective for about two-thirds of thepatients with alopecia areata, many of whom are unresponsiveto conventional therapies.