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Background: Mucocutaneous manifestations may occur inevery stage of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.Some of them may be the first presentations. In this study, weevaluated the prevalence of dermatologic manifestations as thefirst presentations of HIV/AIDS in 25 Iranian patients.Method: In a cross sectional study, we evaluated 25 new casesof HIV infection whose HIV infections were diagnosed duringwork up for their recent dermatological problems. The type ofmucocutaneous manifestations and general information suchas age, sex, risk factors, dermatologic problem duration andeducational level was recorded in a questionnaire.Result: Warts (anogenital and generalized warts) were the mostcommon cutaneous manifestation in new HIV infected patients(36%) followed by psoriasis and cutaneous abscess.Conclusion: Some mucocutaneous diseases such as anogenital orgeneralized warts, psoriasis, and cutaneous abscess may presentas the first manifestation of HIV infection.