Hypnotherapy is recommended for recalcitrant cases of many dermatologic disorders including viral warts, chronic urticarias, psoriasis and alopecia areata. A 23-year old, married lady referred with five years history of confluent verrucous and cauliflower type of viral warts on the dorsum of right foot and many discrete warty papules on the left foot and toes and on different aspects of both hands and fingers. She had tried many medical modalities and surgical procedures including: keratolytics, formalin application, electrocauterization, curettage, cryotherapy with no satisfactory effect. As the patient was quite frustrated with no more trust on physical therapies, she was advised to be treated by hypnotherapy. After patient’s consent, she was scheduled for 20 hypnotherapy sessions with weekly interval. The papules on the hands disappeared after the second session and those of the right foot started to improve after the tenth session. Complete eradication occurred before the 20th session. Although hypnotherapy is time consuming, it is recommended for recalcitrant cases of viral warts.