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Background: Psoriasis is a prevalent chronic T cell mediated inflammatory skin disorder. Recent studies have reported an increase in the incidence of arrhythmia in psoriasis patients who run an excessive risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. P-wave dispersion (PWD) and duration are important electrocardiographic (ECG) markers employed to anticipate the risk of atrial arrhythmias. The objective of this research was to investigate the risk of atrial arrhythmia by measuring PWD, and maximum and minimum p-wave duration in psoriasis patients without known cardio metabolic risk factors.Materials and Methods: ECG was evaluated in Sixty-five adult patients with psoriasis and sixty-five age-, gender- and BMImatched healthy individuals.Results: Maximum P-wave duration (P max) and PWD were significantly higher in patients compare with the controls.Conclusion: It seems that psoriasis patients run a higher risk of developing atrial arrhythmia even following the adjustment of cardio metabolic risk factors.