Background: Vitiligo is a common skin disease that clinically presents as depigmented macules due to destruction of melanocytes. Although the cause is unknown, various theories such as autoimmune, autodestruct and neural hypotheses have been proposed. Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate clinical picture of vitiligo in Isfahan, Iran. Patients and Methods: In a descriptive study, all vitiligo patients referred to a private skin clinic in Isfahan during one year (1376) were evaluated. Results: 458 of a total of 6540 patients had vitiligo (7.0%). Most of the patients were female (61.1%). The mean age of disease onset was 20.83 years. The site of onset of lesions was extremities in 41.1%, head and neck in 37.80%, trunk in 16.24% and genitalia in 5.49% of patients. 72% of the patients who had lesions of the face, responded well to topical steroids. Conclusion: Vitiligo is a common skin disease in Isfahan and a large study is needed to show the prevalence of the disease in Iran.