Background: There are several reports of different cutaneous manifestations in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) managed by repeated hemodialysis, in the literature. Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of skin manifestations in patients suffering from CRF who are on long-term hemodialysis. Patients and Methods: The skin manifestations of 108 CRF patients who underwent hemodialysis in Hemodialysis Center of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences during the years 2000-2001 were studied by a dermatologist. The duration of dialysis in these patients was between 15 days and 101 months (Mean: 17.04 mo.). Results: All of the patients had at least one cutaneous sign or symptom. The most common finding was skin discoloration (77.7%). Other findings were nail changes (75%), xerosis (60.1%), Pruritus (58.3%), ecchymosis (25.9%) and acquired perforating disorder (1.8%). There was no significant correlation between these findings and sex, age, duration of dialysis and underlying disease. Conclusion: Cutaneous manifestations are common findings among CRF patients who are on long-term hemodialysis and dialysis possibly can affect the frequency of these findings.