Background: The need for a rapid, non-invasive method for unwanted hair removal has led to the development of various light sources for this purpose. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of Intense Pulsed Light Source (IPLS) on unwanted hairs. Patients and Methods: In this open, uncontrolled clinical trial, 77 different anatomical areas in 34 referred patients to “Novin Didegan Clinic” in Tehran in 1380-1381, were treated by IPLS at fluences ranging from 22 to 34 J/cm² after their demographic data and the number of hairs were recorded. The 3 to 7 treatment sessions were accomplished 4 to 6 weeks apart. All of the patients were followed 6 months after the last therapy. The quantitative data were analyzed by paired t test. Results: Six months after the last therapy, more than 50% reduction in number of hairs were noted in 80% of the treated areas; with mean reduction of 72±23 percent. Side effects were mild and reversible and occurred in ten patients. Conclusion: The IPLS appears to provide an effective and safe method for long-term excess hair removal in various skin types.