Background: Numerous lasers are currently available for hair removal. Objective: To study the efficacy of a pulsed diode laser for removing unwanted hair. Patients and Methods: In this quasi-experimental clinical trial, 39 patients with unwanted hairs on chin referred to Novin-Didegan Laser Center in Tehran were treated with a diode laser system (Palomar, 810nm). Fluences ranging from 40 to 64 J/cm² (Mean, 48.3 J/cm²) were used and 3 to 7 treatment sessions with 4-6 weeks apart were performed. Evaluation of hair reduction was performed 6 months after the last treatment using paired t test. Results: Six months after the last treatment hair reduction was more than 75% in 23 patients. The mean hair reduction was 74.7%±20.5. Transient hyperpigmentation was observed in 9 patients (23%). Conclusion: The 810nm diode laser is an efficient and a safe modality for hair removal in all skin types.