Background: Palmoplantar eczema is a common clinical problem involving 2% of the population. There are many treatment modalities for palmoplantar eczema, each with specific local and systemic side effects. Objective: To evaluate methoxsalen bath in the treatment of palmoplantar eczema. Patients and Methods: In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, 60 patients with palmoplantar eczema referred to skin clinics of Isfahan University in 1376-78 were divided in two equal groups. One group received PUVA-bath and the other one received placebo-bath. Hands or feet or both were soaked for 15 minutes in warm water containing 0.0001% 8-methoxypsoralen or placebo. Then the skin was exposed to sun for 30 minutes. This was performed 4 times a week up to a total of 25 treatments. Results: Excellent or good therapeutic effects were achieved in 86.7% of PUVA bath group but only in 6.7% of placebo (P=0). No phototoxic reactions were observed. Conclusion: PUVA-bath is a safe, cheap, effective and comfortable method in the management of palmoplantar eczema.