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Background: Skin cancers are the most common human cancers.The most common skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma, squamouscell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Different factors areinvolved in development of skin cancers; the most notable oneis exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In this study, the incidenceof skin cancer was determined in Kerman province where islocated in the desert region of Iran with ample sunlight, duringa 5–year period.Method: All registered cases of skin cancers between March2005 and March 2010 were retrieved from the Kerman ProvinceCancer Registry. For each patient, data about age, gender,location, pathologic type of cancer and site of skin involvement,were obtained. Incidence rates according to the age, sex and thelocation of the lesions were calculated. Trend analysis was donefor the next 10 years.Result: During these 5 years, 1250 cases of skin cancer wererecorded. The incidence in men was 1.2 times higher than women.The highest incidence was seen in individulas older than 80 yearsof age. Fifty percent of all skin cancers were located on the face.The highest incidence was observed in the city of Kerman withan annual incidence of 12.6 in 100,000. Trend analysis showedthat the incidence of skin cancer in Kerman province would reach23 in 100 000 people in 2019, which is 2.3 times higher than theincidence rate in 2009.Conclusion: Skin cancer is a public health concern in Kermanprovince in Iran. Considering the desert climate and the intensity ofsunlight in most seasons, it is necessary to plan scientific practicalinterventions to prevent skin cancer and reduce its incidence..