Document Type : Case Report



Lupus vulgaris, a common form of cutaneous tuberculosis, usuallyhas different patterns including the plaque form, ulcerative andmutilating form, vegetative form, tumor-like form, and papularand nodular form. Lupus vulgaris commonly appears on thenormal skin as a solitary lesion. However, certain uncommonforms are identified that pose a diagnostic dilemma. Sporotrichoidlikespread has been rarely reported. Atypical presentations ofcutaneous tuberculosis are not very uncommon but are frequentlyoverlooked in the clinical practice, leading to a late diagnosisand increased morbidity. We report two cases of lupus vulgariswith a sporotrichoid pattern. Our patients presented with thecharacteristic morphologic features of lupus vulgaris (LV) ina different distribution pattern. The diagnosis was supportedby laboratory investigations, histopathological examination,and an excellent response to antitubercular therapy. Bothcases demonstrated a linear arrangement of lesions mimickingsporotrichosis. We emphasize that cutaneous tuberculosis canoccur in an unusual form in an immunocompetent person. Theaim of this communication is to bring this often overlooked butdefinitely curable clinical entity to attention.