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Comparison of 585 nm with 595 nm pulsed dye laser in the treatment of warts

Mostafa Mirshams Shahshahani; Nafiseh Esmaili; Pedram Mehryan; Amir Houshang Ehsani; Siavash Toosi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 2-8

  Background and aim : The clinical management of verrucae vulgaris is often challenging and no treatment is always effective. Early studies have suggested that pulsed-dye laser (PDL) may be highly effective in the treatment of verrucae through obliteration of dilated vessels in papillary dermis. The objective ...  Read More

Electrocardiographic changes in patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis treated with systemic Glucantime

Giti Sadeghian; Masoomeh Sadeghi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 9-12

  Background and aim: Antimonial compounds are regarded as the treatment of choice for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL). Systemic administration of these drugs have some side effects such as cardiotoxicity. The objective of this study was to evaluate the electrocardiographic (ECG) changes in patients with ...  Read More

Skin cancer in Yazd

Mohammad Taghi Noorbala

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 13-19

  Background and aim: Skin cancer is the most common human cancer. Ultraviolet radiation is now recognized as the most important risk factor for skin cancer development. Light skin colored individuals that spend more time outdoors in day are more susceptible to disease. In this study skin cancer situation ...  Read More

Efficacy of oral Granisetron in uremic pruritus

Pouran Layegh; Mohammad Javad Mojahedin; Parisa Emamgholitabar Malekshah; Fatemeh Nazemian; Farzaneh Sharifipour; Mohammad Vahedian

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 20-25

  Background and aim: Uremic pruritus is a relatively common and distressing problem for patients with chronic renal failure. Serotonin and histamine have been reported as possible mediators of uremic pruritus. Granisetron, a potent and selective inhibitor of 5-HT3 receptors was developed for relief of ...  Read More

Frequency of false positive responses in patients with multiple positive reactions in patch test

Alireza Firooz; Mansour Nassiri-Kashani; Reza Sarhangnejad; Mehdi Rashighi-Firoozabadi; Farzam Gorouhi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 26-31

  Background and aim: Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory skin response due to contact with environmental materials manifested as acute or chronic eczema. Patch test is the standard test to recognize responsible allergen. The objective of this study was to evaluate the frequency of false positive patch ...  Read More

Frequency of diabetes mellitus in patients with skin tags

Leila Nabai; Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh Ardakani; Mohammad Shahidi Dadras; Soheila Nasiri

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 32-36

  Background and aim: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease with multiple complications. Skin tag is a pedunculated papule, which is more common in women and has been suggested as a cutaneous marker of diabetes mellitus. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of diabetes mellitus in patients ...  Read More

Evaluation of immune response against autoclaved Leishmania major incorporated into positively charged liposomes in Balb/c mice

Yahya Sohrabi; Mahmoud Reza Jaafari; Ali Badee; Seyed Hossein Hejazi; Seyed Ebrahim Eskandari; Akram Miramin Mohammadi; Ali Khamesipour

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 37-53

  Background and aim: Efficacy of vaccines is mainly depending on the type of adjuvant used. Efficacy trials of first generation vaccine against leishmaniasis showed a limited efficacy due to lack of an appropriate adjuvant. The objective of this study was to investigate whether positively charged liposomes ...  Read More

Association of lentigo, freckle, melanicytic nevus with melasma

Hasan Edalatkhan; Nayereh Amini Sani; Somayeh Zeynizadeh

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 54-59

  Background and aim: It seems that melanocytic nevi, freckle and lentigo are more common in women with melasma, and a common genetic background may exist. In this study the prevalence and number of lentigo, freckle and melanocytic nevus were compared in women with and without melasma.Materials and methods: ...  Read More

Thyroid and skin

Mahboobeh-sadat Hosseini; Amir Hushang Ehsani; Vahideh-sadat Lajvardi; Maryam Ghiasi; Pedram Mehryan; Shideh Yazdanian; Ali Naser Tork; Reza Mahmood Robati

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 60-73

  Cutaneous manifestations of thyroid diseases can be divided into three groups:1-Specific lesions such as the thyroglossal duct cyst and cutaneous metastases form thyroid malignancy.2-Nonspecific signs secondary to thyroid hormone imbalance.3-Cutaneous signs of associated systemic and dermatologic disorders.This ...  Read More

Report of a case of disabling pansclerotic morphea of childhood

Ramin Espandar; Kamran Balighi; Shideh Yazdanian; Mahmoud Farzan

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 74-77

  Localized morphea is a disorder of unknown cause in which there is localized sclerosis of the skin. Disabling pansclerotic morphea of childhood is a rare severe mutilating form of morphea involving the dermis, fat, fascia, muscle and even bone, usually starting before the age of 14 years. Here, an eight-year-old ...  Read More

Generalized perforating granuloma annulare with varioliform scars: A case report

Farhad Malekzad; Behrooz Barikbin; Zahra Ghoorchiani

Volume 10, Issue 1 , 2007, Pages 78-82

  Perforating granuloma annulare (PGA) is a rare subtype of GA. It is characterized by crops of erythematous umblicated or scaly papules. Plaques, pustule-like lesions and scars may also be seen. It can be localized or generalized.Transepithelial elimination of mucinous, degenerating collagen fibers and ...  Read More